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Ian and Angelique – A Surprise Engagement

I love my friends. I love helping my friends. I knew that Ian and Angelique, my two good friends here, were getting close to engagement, and I couldn’t have been more happy than to pull a fast one over on poor Angelique with Ian. I mean… she didn’t even see it coming. At all. I’m serious.

How did we do it? It involved parking a car in mud, explaining to a neighbor what was going on, moving the car, hiding Ian in the cold, Ian having a boss ring forged to symbolize his soon-to-be-wedded’s immeasurable worth, and he even purchased a blue tooth speaker system that, to this day, is probably still in the yard by the tree where all of this unfolded.

More importantly, though… our good family friend Brandi, owner of Silver Pencils (be sure to check out her Facebook Page and Etsy Shop), makes some great hand crafted and fashionable accessories here in Jackson Hole. Prior to this shoot, I had partnered with her and Angelique to shoot some photos highlighting some of her pieces.

Angelique showed up thinking this was just another fashion shoot. Little did she know… This was much more than that.

And so the story unfolds:



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